Miss Etoile

Miss Étoile is a danish design brand based on a modern, creative and feminine universe. We are always evolving and keeping up with current trends, all the while staying true to our brand DNA. Our design team are dedicated to all details in each product, always creating a new story. The much-loved ICONS collection with open and closed eyes have been with us almost since the very beginning. The collection consists of many varieties of these famous eyes, inspiring you to mix and match new and old friends, creating exactly the look that you want. Find your favorites and build your very own ICONS family 
Icecream Cup 4-Pack
539,00 DKK
Hvorfor Miss Etoile

Simpelhent fordi det brand taler for sig selv
Jeg elsker det feminine touch de giver alle deres produkter og det er ikke ensbetydende vi alle behøver
gå lyserødt all in, men hold op hvor bliver man glad i låget over disse produkter i lyse skønne farver